Kid’s Birthday Gift: Painting Kit

One of Quentin’s classmates is having a birthday party this weekend. Since it’s so early in the school year and we don’t know the interests of his new friend, Audrey, I wanted to get her something that wasn’t too specific. I think this Painting Kit is a great gender neutral gift, and works for almost any five year old. Plus, it’s inexpensive! Here’s what I included in the kit:


KUUQA Waterproof Art Smock; Long Sleeve with 3 Pockets


I thought this smock was so cute. It has velcro in the back which makes it easy for kids to put it on and take off. I wanted to give it a little extra touch, so I embroidered the birthday girl’s name. To make sure it displayed nicely in the basket, I cut a piece of cardboard and folded the smock around the cardboard.


Crayola Washable Kids Paint, Classic Colors


I love these Crayola paint pots. I buy a new set for Quentin every Christmas and we use them throughout the year. They’re not very opaque, but they do the job for a kid’s project.

Paint Brushes

Crayola Big Paint Brushes


These brushes are also a big hit in our home. They’re very inexpensive, but a great deal for the price. They’re easy for little five year old hands to hold. I’ll sometimes use them for craft projects if I don’t want to ruin my good brushes.


Penta Angel Art Paint Tray Palette 3 Pieces, 6 Well

$4.99 for 3 – I kept two for Quentin to use and included one in the gift ($1.66)

These paint palettes are nice because you can pour the paint into the wells, mix colors, and keep the paint pots free from cross-color contamination.

Canvas Panels

Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack – 8 inch x 10 inch

$12.99 for 12 – I kept six for Quentin and included six in the gift ($6.49)

Canvas panels are the best for kid art projects because they’re a more sturdy than painting on paper, where the corners curl up or the paper can get overworked and disintegrate. Plus they are easy to frame with regular 8 x 10 frames.

The total cost of this gift was $22.40 – how can you beat that?! I used a basket that I already had in my house from the dollar store, and hot-glued some felt decorations to the front. Last step was to wrap it in clear cellophane gift wrap and tie it with a bow. I really love how this basket turned out and I think Audrey will have many hours of enjoyment and creativity out of this gift!

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