Rainbow Halloween

Our Halloween decorations are up! One day I hope to own a home with a beautiful fireplace and a mantle I can decorate for every holiday, but while we live in our little East River apartment, the kitchen table works just fine as my decorating home base.

For Halloween this year I wanted to do a colorful theme to match the rest of our apartment. Everything is in rainbow colors with black and white accents. I wanted a lot of layers with this year’s installation, both on the wall and on the table, to create a lot of visual interest and add a lot of color to my kitchen. I’m really in love with how it turned out.

Color Block Pumpkins

These pumpkins are fake, and I found them on sale at Michael’s for $5 each. The pumpkins came white with a brownish stem, and I painted them using acrylic paint. That’s gold metallic acrylic paint on their stems. I taped off their circumference to get a clean line, and it took two coats to get a really opaque color on them.


I made three different types of garlands so that the wall space felt finished. The first is the Song of the Witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I cut the letters freehand out of felt and hot glued them on to a strand of thick, decorative baker’s twine. The other garland is a rainbow ghost motif. The little ghosts are made out of felt, that I stitched together using black embroidery floss, and stuffed with ploy-fil. They’re also hot glued to baker’s twine. After I had hung those two garlands I felt like I needed a little something extra to tie the two together, so I threaded together rainbow pom-poms.

Halloween Art

Above our table is a very ugly fuse box. It needed to go. I had a thin piece of plywood in my house from my woodcutting days, so I covered the panel in Kraft paper and painted a cute Halloween scene on the paper – a pink full moon with black bats. I like how it hides the fuse box and I can now change up the board to match whatever decorating theme I’m going for.

Rainbow Tree Centerpiece

I wanted to create some height with the decorations on the table, so I decided to create a rainbow fall tree, with pinecones, acorns and fall paper leaves. I painted the pinecones and acorns with acrylic paint and attached them to the tree branches using flower wire. The leaves are just cut out of colorful origami paper, and also attached to the branches with flower wire.

Neon Specimen Jar

When I found these squishy eyeballs and brains, I knew I had to add them to the installation somehow. I think they’re really fun and so festive. Easiest way for me to do that was to stick them in a mason jar, fill it with water, and secure it with a lid. I added a piece of blue felt to the top of the lid to add another pop of color.

Pink Tombstone

I think my favorite item out of all the things I DIY-ed is this pink tombstone. I bought it almost as an afterthought, it’s a Kraft paper tombstone from Michaels. I had some pink paint that I had mixed left over from the pumpkins, so I decided, why not a pink tombstone? I painted the skull and crossbones and the lettering with pastel pink paint. The tombstone and the specimen jar don’t take themselves too seriously.

I had so much fun making all of these Halloween decorations, and I’m glad they’re up early so we have more time to enjoy them! I think I might hang a few black paper bats around the house to spruce up the rest of the rooms. And I still haven’t made my wreath for the season! I’m torn between an autumnal floral wreath and a colorful Halloween wreath – I’ll have to see what strikes me more this weekend.

Gus being very On Brand

Do you decorate your home for Halloween? What are you planning on displaying? Is a rainbow Halloween even in the spirit of Halloween?! Where’s the orange and black!!

What are you doing to celebrate the season?

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